We are using a preserved green sheet moss, which needs no care. No Watering!  No need for Sun!  If, however, over a period of time your green mossed topiary becomes dull...
     Have you ever wondered what to do?
Try our method of restoring "life" to your topiary.
Add 1 teaspoon of green food coloring (buy the large bottle of green, not the small four color kit)
to a spray bottle of water.  You may wish to add a few drops of yellow to obtain the shade of green you like best.
Spray your topiary with this mixture and allow to dry thoroughly.  Repeat this renewal as often as

Creepy Crawly things  (Bugs) on the undersides of your topiary's leaves?  Fungus?

One of our favorite customers - Pat Hammer formerly of Samia Rose Topiary, has clearly described her preventative approach to keeping free of insects. 

                    CONTROLLING SPIDER MITES

This tip is appropriate for the third week of June for the
following regions: 


Examine plants for spider mites, which thrive in the South's
hot, dusty summertime conditions. These almost
microscopic insects are hard to see, but tell-tale signs
include webbing and tiny yellow spots on leaves, where they
suck the juices. To control, spray dusty plants with a strong
jet of water from the hose.

How to Create a Topiary

You will need the following:


   1.Sphagnum Moss

   2.Topiary Form

   3.Floral Pins

   4.Fishing Line

   5.Plant (We recommend creeping fig, but a similar leaf vine will do)

First, moisten sphagnum moss well.  If the moss is not soft, wet and pliable, it will be difficult to pack compactly, and almost impossible to saturate once inside the frame. Squeeze out excess water, and then stuff extremities of form (head, legs, tail, etc.).  Wrap extremities tightly with fishing line. Clip moss smooth with scissors. Now, lay a base of moss in body of form. The outside layer of moss should be thicker than the inner - to provide a sturdy foundation.  Arrange plants around the perimeter of the moss.  Do not plant too deeply.  Allow the base of the plant to be at the surface of the moss.  Push roots of plant into body. It is helpful to keep some of the potting soil attached to the roots of the plant. Now tightly pack moss over roots and soil. Again, wrap with fishing line, being careful not to tangle with plant. Trim moss with scissors. Pin the runners of the plant with florist pins.


Note:  Keep plant well watered, and provide humidity.  If possible, set them in a shallow tray with pebbles, and add water frequently.  As the vines grow, continue to pin shoots until body is completely covered, then pin or clip, as you prefer.


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